What I Do Best


I do my best work by solving business pain through an end-to-end program and project management lens.


Business Pain

Investing in a program or project presumes the need to resolve a business pain point. Use these scenarios as inspiration for solving your pain points.

you need more revenue or profit

If you current business model is not yielding needed results, we can work together on new lines of business, geographic expansion, or cost take-out projects.

Organization transformation

You’ve identified a new organization structure and set of capabilities but need help launching the effort. An outside program manager can be invaluable to help move things forward.

Accelerate technology maturity

You have exciting new technology but its maturity is holding back launch or creating customer relationship issues. Let’s build a technology maturation program.

stakeholder opposition

Programs rarely gain 100% stakeholder buy-in. Does your initiative have powerful opposition? Let’s devise a plan to gain their acceptance, or even turn them into initiative champions.

Forgotten work streams

Is your software ready for delivery but a key work stream was missed during planning? We collaborate on a recovery plan to integrate the needed elements.

critical product launches

Do you need to push the pace to make it to market? I set a fast tempo without resorting to forced marches and burn out.

Multiple Failed projects

Multiple project failures on the same issue is common. I have stepped into these situations more than once.

Interim Leadership

Select a transition leader while you recruit someone for the permanent role; enabling the team to adjust and prepare for the new leader.

Noprofit Board Development

Build a vibrant, sustainable and compliant board for your organization.

bring Strategic initiatives to life

Let’s translate strategies into real, sustainable outcomes, not just slide decks.

Build a pragmatic pMO

Are you tired of agile versus waterfall battles? Let’s collaborate on a pragmatic approach to build a working Program Management Office.

too many priorities

Is your organization struggling with too many priorities resulting in unfinished work? Let’s define a lean-oriented prioritization operating model that let’s you focus on the most important initiatives while reducing work-in-progress.

engaging content

Do your employees and customers understand your strategies and initiatives? Let’s develop engagement opportunities: blogs, email campaigns, town halls, videos, and road shows.

Chief of Staff

Do you need someone to organize and drive staff efficiency and accountability? Let’s build a staff operating model, designed for success.


Compliance issues may be distracting, or worse, exposing your organization to significant risk. Design an end-to-end compliance program to ensure your business stays safe.

retire tech debt

Are you drowning in legacy products and systems? Let’s build a program to retire legacy products so you can innovate and move faster.

Product Adoption challenges

You’ve launched a new product with care and due diligence, but adoption is lagging. Let’s dig deeper and understand. Was it go-fever or a faulty assumption.

Extensibility blockers

Every time you think have an extensible design, a new blocker emerges, requiring new rounds of investment and more time. Put together an extensibility program and campaign to create self-service patterns.


Simple Approach

Define the PAIN

We launch too many programs and projects without defining the problem and definition of success. First, define the objectives and seek facts.

IDENtify solutions

Once we understand the pain, let’s collaborate on solutions and build acceptance.

Implement & Monitor

Finally, let’s execute the program or project plan, course correct as needed, and monitor outcomes to ensure we addressed the original business pain.

Let’s collaborate

Not sure where to start?

Let’s start initial collaboration on the phone, over coffee, drinks, lunch or dinner. We spend time discussing your business pain, how I can help get you unstuck and then follow through to execution.


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