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I am launching my new Navigating Digital Change® social media platform. Check out my progress. Thanks for visiting!

Program Manager API Skills

I self-produced this 7 minute combined voice over and video focused on APIs. Application Program Interface If you’re a program or project manager, regardless of industry, you’ll likely encounter the acronym API. API stands for Application Program Interface. In plainer...

Navigating Change’s Death Valley

I stand in front of 50 people and tell them we will spend two days together to achieve an important change objective. Nevertheless, I have yet to tell them that sometime in the next two days we will be navigating change’s death valley. The conference room is barely...

Cultivating Curiosity Conquers Change Fear

Navigating digital change® rarely presents a deterministic path. Road signs do not suddenly appear, directing you to change your personal or organization path. Cultivating curiosity helps navigate change paths. People live their lives waiting for an obvious sign to...

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