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Navigating Digital Change®

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Use creative problem solving to move your business or team forward.  Make the case for change.

  • Define objectives
  • Seek facts
  • Identify solutions
  • Build acceptance

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Digital Technology is Transforming Our World

I help individuals and enterprises navigate digital change. Digital technology is transforming our world, in positive ways, and negative. I focus on navigating digital change in a positive, yet honest way. Change brings opportunities for individuals and enterprises to grow and transform – be ready for the future. However, change is also disruptive. My approach assumes a positive, growth mindset while confronting digital disruption head-on.

My Approaches

Adaptive Methods

Every change situation is unique. Sources of business pain vary. Consequently, I use adaptive methods; blending program, portfolio, and transformation management  with creative change content and new business development.

Program Management

Portfolio Management

Transformation Management

Creative change Content

New business development


Navigating Digital Change ®

Change can be a tough word. It also offers opportunity. Change inspires anxiety, excitement, hope, and fear. Navigating Digital Change® requires thinking, and acting in social, business, global, and technology domains. I promote 5 action-based principles when navigating change: 1) Cultivate Curiosity, 2) Run Experiments, 3) Learn Digital Economics, 4) Build Change Capacity, and 5) Navigate Courageously.

Cultivate Curiosity

Be curious about technology and the world around you. Ask questions. Actively listen. Read.

Learn digital economics

Digital economics disrupt traditional business models. Do the homework needed to compete in a digital world.

navigate courageously

You may know you need to change. You’ve even defined the needed steps. Be courageous, and act.

Run experiments

Try new things in small steps. Use the scientific method.

build change capacity

Change is never done. Reduce your organization and personal change cycle time. Don’t waste time avoiding change. Build the capacity to change quickly.


Solving Complex Business Pain Through Change Leadership

My focus is solving complex business pain by helping teams and organizations navigate change. I have led complex program and product initiatives on platforms such as rockets, satellites, the Space Shuttle, Gulfstream business jets, and eCommerce. For more on my experience and career journey, check out my LinkedIn profile.

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